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The Advantages of Dual Drivers

The Advantages of Dual Drivers

Have you ever wondered what all of the talk about dual drivers is about? Any audiophile will tell you dual drivers definitely have several advantages over a single driver that you should consider when looking to buy new earphones or headphones- but why are dual drivers such a big deal and what difference does having two drivers opposed to one actually make?

Drivers are just as important in earphones and headphones as they are in surround sound speakers. Dual drivers extend some of the limitations of earphones that only have one driver per ear. Although single-driver earphones are capable of creating loud audio of up to 20kHz, they have their limitations. Here are some great advantages of having dual drivers in your earphones:

Less Distortion

You can bet when you add an extra driver on each side of your earphones, you’re going to get a much clearer louder audio without any of the distortion you may get with single-driver earphones after a certain audible range is met.

More Efficiency

Advanced filtering in dual drivers will better separate sound frequencies from each other and will give you a much smoother and more precise sound frequency from low-end to high-end. An extra driver added to each side will give you that extra added sound quality you desire because with dual drivers each driver can be solely assigned to a specific frequency range giving you the advantage of not having a limit of sound frequencies in your audio. You’ll also have a more rich clear spacious sound that’s created by the separation of the sound frequency and naturally enhances your sound quality.

All in One

Earphones with dual drivers have a crossover network circuitry built inside of them that splits the signal path of different frequencies so you won’t have to buy any unnecessary extra equipment to get the sound quality sound you desire. You’ll naturally get a better bass response and sound signature. You can virtually pair these headphones with any device and there are so many designs available in today’s market that some even offer a remote made conveniently onto your cord for easy control of audio volume, track selection, etc.

Best Earphones for Musicians and Sound Engineers

If you’re a guitarist, vocalist, DJ, drummer, sound engineer, etc. the advantage of the improved sound quality you’ll get with dual drivers and the better audio range is definitely worth the investment. Dual drivers also make high quality videos sound even more exceptional. There are many models of dual driver earphones on the market, but a particularly great high quality affordable pair would be the AF78 Modern Earphones by Audiofly. While there’s no guarantee a dual driver earphone will outperform a single-driver one, if it’s a high quality earphone design, there’s a good chance it will.

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