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Wireless Desktop Speakers - The Luxuries of Bluetooth

With advanced technology, some modern wireless desktop speakers, such as the Exclaim Connect, feature Bluetooth connectivity. How can this feature benefit you, you ask? Bluetooth speakers have amazing capabilities that can add so much more convenience to your tech savvy life. There are several cool technology luxuries Bluetooth desktop speakers can offer you that you simply can’t get with traditional standard speakers.

 Stream Music Wirelessly via Bluetooth

With Bluetooth technology, you can wirelessly connect and stream music instantaneously from your phone or computer with the simple touch of a button. Bluetooth speakers can be connected to almost any device. If you’re looking for the versatility and convenience of being able to effortlessly connect multiple different devices at once, such as your computer, iPad, gaming system or cell phone, then Bluetooth speakers are definitely for you. The possibilities are endless.  

 Versatile Speaker Location

Wireless speakers with Bluetooth connectivity allow you to easily stream music from wherever you want in a room using virtually any device. You can easily set up your speakers wherever you want without restriction, letting you stream and indulge in music from completely across a room. Connect automatically through your cell phone. Any time you want to listen to music while you’re studying or cleaning, or a podcast or audiobook during your downtime, you can simply stream the audio from your phone to your Bluetooth speakers using your phone.

Energy Efficient

Battery operated, Bluetooth speakers are much more energy efficient than your traditional wired desktop speakers. Despite their small size and remarkable sound quality, Bluetooth speakers actually use an impressively low amount of power. Bluetooth batteries can last a surprisingly long time, even with non-stop usage, before needing charged. This means less used energy and more uninterrupted entertainment for you.  

Less Restrictions Compared to Other Wireless Connections

Other technology, such as Infra-Red, allows your device and speaker to connect wirelessly but will only let your device connect when it’s in a fixed position aligned with the wireless speaker. Radio Frequency is also technology used to establish a connection between your device and wireless speaker but with Radio Frequency, you can sometimes experience interference and reception problems. Bluetooth, on  the other hand, gives you much more mobility with less restriction because it enables you to effortlessly connect your device and speakers instantaneously as long as your device is within several dozen feet of your wireless speaker and has Bluetooth connectivity. If within range, your friends can even connect too, making the joy of sharing music easy. 


Unlike wired speakers, you won’t have to fight through tangled wires to connect and disconnect wireless Bluetooth desktop speakers. Without wires, setup is a piece of cake and you won’t have to worry about any of the unnecessary clutter either. With wireless Bluetooth speakers, you can easily keep your area tidy and looking just as sleek, sharp and modernized as some of the new Bluetooth desktop models, like the award-winning Spinnaker design by Edifier.

Perfect for the Outdoors

If you’re an outdoors person, you simply have to check out some portable Bluetooth speakers. Many Bluetooth speakers are small and compact so they can easily be packed for travel. Many models are extremely durable and reliable, such as the waterproof MP700 by Edifier or the handy tactical Survivor by Dreamwave Audio, which are perfect for exercise, travel and outdoor exploring. There is something greatly satisfying about those who love music to be able to stream high quality music wherever they go, even if they’re completely outdoors hiking, camping, fishing or just hanging out near a bonfire enjoying good company

The Benefits of Using Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Tired of feeling limited with wired headphones? Ditch the cords and feel the gratifying freedom of wearing a pair of more advanced Bluetooth wireless headphones, such as the versatile technology-loaded TACH T1 by Pendulumic with preferred noise cancellation and a compact sleek European design. Here are some of the great benefits of ditching the wires and enjoying your audio experience wirelessly with modern Bluetooth technology:

Wire Repair and the Hassling Tangles. Never again.

Have you ever gotten your headphone wires hung on something and nearly had them ripped from your head? Have you dealt with the frustrating inconvenience of untangling your headphone wires before and after use? With wireless headphones, you can leave those troubles behind. Bluetooth wireless headphones will undoubtedly take your listening experience to an entirely new level with hands-free and wire-free convenience and unbeatable comfort. You will also no longer have to worry about the potential of troubling wire repair because you’ll never have to worry about your wiring getting caught on anything and potentially damaged.

Enjoy your Exercise Wirelessly

You’ll have a full range of movement without wiring when you choose to use wireless headphones while exercising. Your workouts will also be a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. If your audio source is your phone, simply put your phone in your pocket or nearby and get your workout on while enjoying the luxury of Bluetooth technology.

Talk from Anywhere

With wireless Bluetooth headphones, not only can you enjoy listening to music wire-free, but you can you also enjoying talking on the phone hands-free as well. Unlike putting someone on speaker phone, with high quality wireless bluetooth headphones, you don’t have to be near your phone to have a phone conversation with someone and the sound quality is just as clear and personal as if you were talking to them in person. This feature makes cleaning and doing other tasks while talking on the phone a breeze. With modern technology, you can even answer calls between listening to music and your music will also automatically resume on its own when you end your phone call. Being able to have phone conversations hands-free is especially a great advantage to customer service employees working at call centers as well. Imagine the increase in quality this simple upgrade could ignite within a business. Wireless headphones makes your tasks much more simple and efficient while you’re talking on the phone and will make multitasking easy. With today’s advanced technology like Bluetooth TVs, you can now also pair your headphones with an awesome movie or your favorite TV series without disturbing everyone around you. This is the perfect way to escape from your troubles and enjoy your own personal movie experience with exceptional sound quality without bothering others.

Less Battery Drainage

In most cases, when you choose wireless Bluetooth headphones you’re also choosing a much more energy efficient option and you can rest assured less battery will be used. This is because Bluetooth uses lower power signals that require little energy. So you can enjoy listening to music even longer with Bluetooth technology.


Wireless headphones create a more sophisticated look with their modern sleek design. Wireless headphones can also make employees look more professional in a work environment. When investing in high quality Bluetooth wireless headphones, their modern stylish design will easily match their superior sound quality and unbeatable convenience and you won’t regret it. 

Earphones Vs Headphones­ - Which Style is Best for You? 

There are pros and cons of both earphones and headphones but which one is the best match for you depends on your personal lifestyle and what you will be using them for most often. If you are undecided about which style to get, let's look at some of the pros and cons of each.


While modern earphones are much more slim and compact than their enormous bulky counterparts from 30+ years ago, you can now actually fit earphones in your pocket and virtually take them with you anywhere. Earphones are best when you are running or exercising because they are lightweight, extremely compact and more comfortable if you break a sweat. With intense workouts, you could also consider wireless earphones, such as the Modern Wireless Fitness Earphones by Denon, so you don't have to worry with cords being tangled or dealing with your earphones falling out. Earphones are less conspicuous and also perfect for when you need your music fix but don't want to sacrifice your hat and mess up your suave hair style.


Headphones are going to give you a much higher quality sound, especially superior bass frequencies. While headphones are generally larger in size, they make up for the added weight and size with added drivers and enhanced sound technology. These bad boys are perfect for the serious gamer, audiophile, musician or audio engineer. Over-the-ear headphone models are a must for those working in noisy environments who need a level of sound isolation that earphones simply cannot provide. While high quality earphones can be good at canceling out noise, they don't cancel out noise as well as a headphone's capability, causing the volume to be turned up to an unnecessary level to block out any ambient noise.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a better idea of whether earphones or headphones would be the best match for you and your personalized audio needs. If you are a musician, sound engineer or just using your device in a loud environment, headphones are typically the best match for you. If you are looking for something that is not too conspicuous, exceptionally lightweight and portable and something that you can work out with, then you may want to check out a nice pair of high quality modern earphones. Some audiophiles simply cannot choose between the two and it is not uncommon for music lovers to eventually own both to switch out when needed to have the best of both worlds.