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Luna Eclipse Speaker Stand

by: Edifier

"I talk about life, and I make universal music with an American style - and that's what I do." -Nas

Available in black or white neutral or a vivid candy apple red, this Luna Eclipse Speaker Stand takes the Luna Eclipse speaker’s innovative design to an entirely new level. These matching modernized avant-garde speaker stands aren’t only captivating to the eye but are highly functional. Angled and escalated from the floor, these fresh futuristic stands effectively improve audio clarity. Acoustics and bass are drastically improved with these stylish stationery stands allowing you to enjoy your Luna Eclipse speakers at their full-capacity. We recommend the Luna Eclipse Speaker Stands for those wanting to add intriguing cutting-edge style to a room and drastically improve the functionality and quality of their Luna Eclipse speakers.

The Luna Eclipse Speaker Stand is available in the white, black or red color option.

These speaker stands are compatible for both the Luna Eclipse as well as the Luna Eclipse HD.


  • Futuristic Innovative Design
  • Angled for Improved Audio
  • Escalated 3ft.
  • Mini-Optical Cable Included
  • 3.5mm Auxiliary Extension Included
  • Rubber Stoppers at Base


  • Height: 0.77m

Collections: Accessories, Edifier

Type: Accessories

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